• Unit 5 Good manners

  • 课程老师:王永伟
  • 老师单位:江阴市周庄中学
  • 课程分类:初中 / 外语
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    8B Unit 5 Grammar

    Teaching aims:

    1.    Knowledge aims:

    (1) Tolearn how to describe a person’s personality and ability with “enough to”.

    (2) Tolearn to use “too…to” to express a negative result.

    2.    Ability aims:

    (1) To masterthe structure “enough to”to describe a person’s personality and ability.

    (2) To master the structure “too…to” to express a negative result.

    3.  Value aims

    (1) To realize how to be yourself and have different abilities.

    (2) To have the students obey the school's rules and regulations.

    Teaching key points and difficult points:

    1. Phrases: make everyone laugh, on her own, join the discussion, express himself clearly, all the main points, be busy with

    2. Structures:

    (1) You are old enough to learn about manners.

      (2)British people are too polite to shout loudly in public.

    (3)The UK is too far away for Jenny to go there on her own.

    Teaching methods: Task-Based Language Teaching

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